Managing user preferences is important for a number of reasons and can allow you to:

  • Send Relevant Content
  • Keep Unsubscribe Rates Low
  • Have a Double Opt-In Option
  • ManageLegal Requirements

Send Relevant Content

By enabling Subscription Management, you can ensure you send the right content to the right members. You can add members to or take them out of subscriptions and members can have an online preference page.

Keep Unsubscribe Rates Low

You can give the members preference options on 3 levels

  • Opt Out of All Communications
  • Opt-Out of this Communication Only
  • Subscription Management

The 2 last options will, in most cases, give the best results and keep your opt-out rates as low as possible.

Legal Requirements

Your preference management should of course always support the current rules and regulations that apply to your organization.
We have you covered with the tools you need for most legal requirements including GDPR , CASL & CAN-SPAM