Email Design

Email Design


The Email-for-All concept makes email marketing available to all of your engagement staff like sales, event managers and educators. They will have access to pre-approved, branded templates so they can easily create successful email outreach campaigns.

Drag & Drop Editor

Our email editor offers an extremely versatile drop and drag interface so you can build almost any email design with it. You can add content to the built-in templates or create your own templates from scratch using basic building blocks.

Create Once – Reuse Forever

No need to spend time recreating the same content again and again. With the Predictive Designer you are able to save your favorite elements like a news block or a branded header so you can reuse them in any of future campaigns.

Bulletproof Responsive Emails

No more HTML coding ever! We bring you the best responsive emails, which are compatible with over 95%+ of all desktop, mobile and web email clients.
Always up-to-date, fully tested HTML – we guarantee it !

Preview your email in 90+ email Clients

Build, edit, and instantly preview your emails across 90+ clients.

Permission Management

You can manage permissions for your email editions as granular as you want by using Salesforce Roles & Permissions. Email creation and management capabilities can be assigned depending on your role and organization to allow you ultimate control over the process.

Email Template Management

Take collaboration within your organization to the next level with email template sharing and locking management. Instantly share email templates between users while also being able to restrict that person’s ability to make any significant changes if you don’t want them to.
You can also restrict email templates for use only in specified business units, territories or divisions.

Email Approval Process

The Salesforce Approval process can be used for email editions so no email edition can be sent before the approval process in Salesforce has been successfully completed. This will also store a full audit trail of the emails approved and rejected.