A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing, at its most basic, is a way to compare two versions of something to figure out which performs better

Why Should You A/BTest

A/B testing allows you to make changes to the subject line of the email edition and collect data on the results. This allows you to learn how certain elements impact open and click rates. More than just answering a one-off question, A/B testing can be used consistently to continually improve a given user experience, improving a single goal like conversion rate over time.

A/B Testing Emails

Small changes can have big results. Experiment with adding personalized content to a subject line to see if that improves your open and click rates with a sample group. You can have Predictive automatically select the best performing version based on your selected criteria.

A/B Testing Forms

If you turn on the automatic winner settings, the test automatically stops once it determine which opt-in form is best, and archives the one that didn’t perform as well. This allows you to set-and-forget. ​You can A/B test anything, even different opt-in form types against each other.