A recent i-Newswire.com article wrote: “Dirty, inconsistent and redundant data costs the U.S. economy over $3.1 Trillion every year – a figure twice the size of the 2011 Federal Deficit.” In our increasingly digital age, maintaining customer data is vital to profitable business. Successful maintenance involves keeping data both accurate and secure. Inaccurate or incomplete customer data may leave an unprofessional or incompetent impression on customers. Even worse, comprised databases and security breaches may result in a major loss of business and customer trust.

Why Your Business Needs a Data Cleansing Process

Data Cleansing for your Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Sales data will reassure your customers. It illustrates that your businesses is capable of providing a high-level of customer service by ensuring that their important personal information is accurate and complete. Cleansing specific data, such as names, addresses, orders, and dates also increases the odds that your customers will receive what they ordered – on time and for the right price! Data Cleansing also improves employee productivity by reducing the time spent checking, double-checking, and correcting erroneous data. Your employees can then focus on more important tasks, like sales. This time and cost savings will boost your company’s revenue and benefit the bottom-line.

Best Data Cleansing Processes

A Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Sales data cleansing process should preemptively check and correct typographical errors, inconsistent data, and other errors. It should also prevent SPAM, fake or duplicate Web-to-Lead entries by eliminating or isolating invalid names and e-mails and SPAM content into quarantine queues. Most importantly, it should enhance your web-security by hiding the OID and by ensuring the data collected is actually coming from your website. This comprehensive process will boost your customer’s confidence in the safety and security of their personal data.

Implementing a Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Sales Solution

For most small and medium-sized businesses it is cost effective to use a software solution such as Predictive Response’s Form Check+ that integrates with your CRM software to manage your data cleansing and maintenance. Then your employees will be able to focus on generating new leads, converting leads to sales, managing finances, or promoting and marketing your new and existing products or services. Predictive Response uses the following process to insure the highest data integrity: We also offer a Data Scan product for cleaning the existing data in your database. Predictive Response specializes in marketing and sales solutions for businesses using Salesforce.com. Please contact us for more information on how we can meet your needs.